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About us at Altimmune

Altimmune is a clinical stage immunotherapeutics biotechnology company located in Montgomery County, MD with an additional operating site in London, UK. By leveraging the complementary attributes of its two innovative vaccine delivery platforms, RespirVec™ and Densigen™, Altimmune is able to design and develop immunotherapeutic products tailored to address a wide range of disease indications including acute respiratory infections, chronic viral infections and cancer, with the potential for fundamental advantages over competing products.


Our mission at Altimmune is to protect and preserve public health by providing effective and safe immunotherapeutics and vaccines to cure or prevent disease outbreak.


Altimmune, Inc. (formerly known as Vaxin Inc.) was founded in 1997 to discover and develop novel products that engage, stimulate and improve immune responses for the prevention and treatment of disease. We acquired Immune Targeting Systems (ITS) in March 2015, Limited has broadened our immunotherapeutics product pipeline and expertise while creating a global presence. Our recent acquisition of PharmAthene provides a means to access the public markets and strengthens our competitive position in the anthrax vaccine market while adding additional technical and government contracting expertise.

About us at Altimmune