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An immunotherapeutic for Chronic Hepatitis B Infection

HepTcell is an immunotherapy product candidate directed against multiple hepatits B virus (HBV) genotypes. HepTcell is a completely synthetic peptide product candidate based on our proprietary Densigen technology which we believe could help destroy infected cells and clear HBV infections, thereby providing a functional cure for the disease. HepTcell is currently in Phase 1 clinical testing.

Why T cells?

For certain diseases, such as chronic infection and cancer, the best way to treat the disease is to selectively kill the affected cells. The T cells of our immune sytem are specifically suited to recognize and destroy diseased cells. Sometimes however, the immune system does not properly recognize the threat and an effective T cell response is not established. HepTcell is designed to work with the immune system to increase T cell immunity and effectively combat the disease. Our goal is to restore diminished T cell function to enable a functional cure of this chronic condition.

Key Advantages of HepTcell

HepTcell is composed of nine Densigen peptides that encode a high density of CD4+ and CD8+ T cell epitopes that are selected to broaden the HLA class reactivity of the product. The potential of our technologies to initiate powerful T cell immune responses without HLA-restriction against will be a distinguishing factor in our approach to immunotherapy.

Clinical Experience with HepTcell

We have completed dosing in a Phase 1 study of HepTcell in chronically infected HBV patients with controlled disease under standard of care. The primary objective of the trial is to assess the safety and tolerability of HepTcell. As a secondary objective, the trial will also measure the immune response induced by HepTcell following administration.