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A novel strategy for active cancer immunotherapy

We are pursuing the development of cancer immunotherapeutics targeting biologically relevant tumor-specific antigens using our Densigen T cell technology for potential applications in multiple solid cancer indications including lung, colorectal, melanoma, breast, and ovarian among others.

A new day for cancer immunotherapies

Active immunotherapy in oncology is an emerging field with products ranging from vaccines, immune checkpoint inhibitors to cellular therapies. In combination with novel strategies releasing the brake on the immune system, cancer vaccines have the potential to promote durable anti-tumor response that can break tolerance, attack tumor cells and lead to improved survival.

Key Advantages of Oncosyn

Oncosyn is being developed as a cancer immunotherapeutic to promote broad immunity by targeting multiple tumor antigens simultaneous to prevent tumor escape, a key differentiating approach. Oncosyn also incorporates the key features of the Densigen technology notably through its ability to stimulate a dual CD4+ and CD8+ T cell response without HLA-restriction. Oncosyn has shown promising preclinical results alone and in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors. Combination of Oncosyn with RespirVec technology may create further enhanced immunity against the cancer.